Update November 2019

AlSiCal´s kick off was held in September 2019, setting a very good start for the project. In our project website, already live, you can learn about the Consortium and sign up for the Newsletters to get the latest updates on our work progress.

The experimental setups are being designed and built at present, and will become cutting edge facilities in hydrometallurgy and CO2 utilization innovation for more sustainable industry. The AlSiCal technology has large potential to expand towards varied process sources besides anorthosite, for which, in addition to different anorthosite qualities, alternative sources are being screened by our experts. Our modelling teams (both at reactor and process level) and LCA analysts are already getting started with data gathering. Last, but not least, we are aware of the expectations and need for information, for which we dedicate special efforts on keeping informed stakeholders, collaborating organizations and society. Thus, dissemination and communication aspects are taken care and we have already developed the project website, first brochure, social media accounts, first newsletters and the two first interviews by non-scientific publishers.


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