Consent Form – Audio/Video

Within the AlSiCal project, I recognize the relevance and opportunity of making collective records and annotations as well as audiovisual records or photos in order to facilitate the work, the interactions between the participants and the dissemination of its dynamics and results through the various communication and dissemination tools provided by the AlSiCal project.

Under the guarantee that no record or information that may be collected and/or shared in this project could undermine:

  1. My integrity and those of the organization I represent
  2. Confidentiality matters

With my signature, I authorize the collection and use of these records by the PNO, responsible for the dissemination of AlSiCal’s progress and results (represented by Francesca Boscolo, PNO Consultants B.V., Flight Forum 3425, Gebouw 5938, 5657 EW Eindhoven) for the following purposes:

  1. be part of the project’s memory (e.g. archives, etc.),
  2. be used in activities of the community of Practice,
  3. be used for dissemination and communication purposes of the project (e.g. newsletter, website).


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