20 Oct 2021 / News

Online Cross-Fertilisation Workshop

AlSiCal contributed to the online Cross-Fertilisation Workshop “Towards a more sustainable alumina production in Europe” organized by European Aluminium in collaboration with the RemovAL and ReActiv consortia on the 23rd and 24th of September 2021 with the presentation “Radical innovation towards sustainable co-production of minerals” by Asuncion (Suni) Aranda of the Institute for Energy Technology, Norway.

Goal of the Workshop

The Workshop aimed to present the main outcomes from ongoing H2020 projects addressing the upstream part of aluminum value chain and promote exchange between those EU projects and the industry in order to foster new synergies. The ultimate goal was to identify the most promising processing routes to boost the industrial symbiosis as well as to turn bauxite residue into a resource or to produce alumina from alternative sources.

Aranda-Mastin technology

In this context, the main insights from the AlSiCal project have been shared by focusing on the development of the innovative Aranda-Mastin technology to TRL 5 and the demonstration of the leaching, separation and purification stages from the lab scale experiments based on sustainability and efficiency principles. The impact and risks of the technology will be assessed on the three key sustainability pillars: economy, society, and environment. Moreover, a roadmap for exploitation of the AlSiCal results will be set to foster the later commercialization of the technology.


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