15 Dec 2023 / News

AlSiCal workshop to unveil the benefits of the EU-funded AlSiCal technology

On November 14th AlSiCal organised a free (remote and on-site) workshop to unveil the benefits of the EU-funded AlSiCal technology. This event was organised by European Aluminium and PNO with the support of Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) under the umbrella of the EU Raw Materials Week 2023.

The workshop focused on emphasising the primary accomplishment of substantiating the concept’s feasibility, propelling it towards higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). The event was hosted at the DoubleTree Brussels Hilton Hotel in Brussels, with broadcasting online for remote participants. The event was kicked off with an introduction by Martin Foss, vice present of IFE and Christian Leroy of European Aluminium. Subsequently, 4 speakers gave their perspective related to sustainability, R&D and social responsibility in the mining industry.

“EU Horizon Success Stories: an insight into innovative sustainable mineral processing solutions”, Yolanda Alvarez Gallego, HaDEA
“How sustainable co-production of alumina, silica, and precipitated calcium carbonate in one single route from alternative resources is feasible: Radical innovation from the EU AlSiCal project”, Suni Aranda, IFE
“Socially responsible approach to sustainable raw materials production: Learnings from EU AlSiCal project and global cases”, Anne Merrild Hansen, AAU
“Positioning AlSiCal into the current value chains”, Anastasios Kladis, AdMiRIS

Kamila Slupek from Eurometaux moderated a thought-provoking panel discussion regarding the challenges of European sustainable growth in the raw materials industry. This included a panel composed of academic and industrial partners, composed of:

• Nick Bitsios, MYTILINEOS
• Dr. Aurela Shtiza, IMA-Europe
• Dr. Peter Tom Jones, KU Leuven
• Dr. Suni Aranda, IFE

In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every participant who contributed to the resounding success of our recent event in Brussels. Your enthusiasm and engagement truly made it a memorable occasion. Stay tuned for upcoming events, as we are committed to fostering more opportunities for connection, knowledge-sharing, and innovation.


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