19 May 2020 / News

National Technical University of Athens and AlSiCal

AlSiCal is coordinated by the Institute for Energy Technology and consists of a consortium of 16 partners from 9 countries all over the world. The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is one of the partners in the project. In this article NTUA explains the work they do in AlSiCal.

The work of NTUA in AlSiCal

The NTUA work in AlSiCal project will be focused on the study of the leachability of alternative materials, a task that was studied also in previous projects that NTUA participated. Characterization of the raw materials, leaching experiments, analysis of the dissolved metals and characterization of the residues will be the base for long discussions between NTUA, European and worldwide partners. Our work will be conducted based on the Aranda -Mastin technology, which is set to be the core of the entire project.

NTUA’s contribution to the European sustainability goals

Beyond the scope of the pre-described project, our research aims to contribute to continuous development of scientific knowledge in the field of extractive metallurgy, with respect to the goals of the European environmental policy and the expectation of whole-value chain approach in order to be compatible with the demands and the expectations of the modern-society fabrication.

As member of the global academic community, NTUA and especially the Laboratory of Metallurgy seeks to cooperate with the members of  the AlSiCAl project so as further enhance its well established position as a center of  the non-stopping progress of metallurgical engineering and to be able to involve in multi-partition  tasks, which successfully deals with the modern reality and the sustainable future of the metal’s production sector.


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