17 Mar 2021 / News

Meet the partner: Maria Bagani of the National Technical University of Athens

Maria Bagani is a PhD candidate in the field of extracting Metallurgy, in the Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. Alongside her PhD, she participates as a researcher at the AlSiCal project. We asked Maria about her involvement in the consortium.

How did you get involved into the project?
“I am involved in the AlSiCal project, through my participation at Work Package 1, were I focus on the leachability of alternative resources.”

What is the added value from AlSiCal to your institution?
“The cooperation with new partners and the enhancement of our knowledge over the field of acid leaching are essential goals, which have been achieved via our participation in AlSiCal project.”

Do you like working with a European consortium?
“Yes, I really enjoy cooperating with a European consortium, working collectively in a team with great European industries, universities, and research centers.”

What aspects of a European project do you miss the most during this COVID time of homeworking?
“One of the most important parts, missing due to pandemic, is the ability of travelling so as to meet, in person, my colleagues and being able of learning about their targets, their infrastructure and their goals for the future of our mutual project.”

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